A Comparative Analysis between Islam and Christianity

Today we live in a world there are a lot of religions and each religion has a countless number of divisions, beliefs, and practices. Though there are a lot of religions, the religions that are popularly recognized across the globe are Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Jainism. Of course, we cannot forget atheism. What people trust is what they follow. Nobody knows the exact point of origin any religion, and all of them claim to be the oldest form of belief. If we try to narrow down the ideologies of all religions, they all drop down to the same point. But two religions are believed to have the same origin. The religions Islam and Christianity took its roots from the same seed but at one point then grew apart as different trees. This article is simply the comparison between Islam and Christianity.

Comparative Analysis between Islam and Christianity

Similarities between Islam and Christianity:

  • The history that the Holy Scriptures gives us is the history that we come to know of and follow. So the holy scriptures of both the religions that are the Quran and the Holy Bible have the same beginning.
  • Both scriptures believe that there is one God and He is shapeless, formless and existed from the beginning of time. He is the creator and not a creation. However, Christians have the concept of Trinity whereas Muslims differ there.
  • The initial scriptures of Quran and the Old Testament of the Holy Bible are very much similar. After the birth of Christ, most Christians take the rules of Old Testament into consideration while Muslims still stick to Old Testament rules and regulations.
  • The arrival, life, and death of Christ are mentioned in both the books. However, Christianity views it at the divine level describing Jesus as the Son of God, whereas Muslims treat Jesus as a prophet. But both beliefs do not differ much.
  • Both religions treat Moses, a biblical character from the Old Testament book of the Bible as a holy, God-fearing man. However, Muslims elevate him to yet another level.
  • It is believed that the part of division between Islam and Christianity took place when the sons of Abraham, Esau, and Jacob, parted ways. The descendants of Esau were Muslims, and the descendants of Jacob were Christians.
  • Quran also has a lot of references to Mary the mother of Jesus Christ under the name Miriam. She is referred to as the holy women who lived during the period of Jesus Christ.


Today Islam and Christianity may be two different religions with different beliefs and practices, but it is an undeniable fact that they are from the same womb. The people who belong to these religions are not expected to rub shoulders and walk hand in hand but to see them respect each other and profess humanity.