Christianity during the Medieval Ages: Period of Reformation and Modern Christianity

The period of reformation and the end of the modern age marks the important period in Christianity. This was when a lot of changes took place as far as Christianity is concerned. In case if we have to break Christianity into different eras, just like everybody does I will classify them into the period Before Christ and the period After Christ. But for the better understanding of the religion, I would further have the history classified into a few more ages after the death of Christ. The period of persecution, the period of spread and division, early modern age, the period of revolution and finally the modern age that is today.

After the death of Christ:

Let us take a quick look at the history of what Christianity went through after the death of Christ. After the death of Christ, Jewish people and other religious leaders who opposed Christianity began killing Christians and the people who wanted to spread the religion. This is the period of persecution. Mass murders and martyrdoms took place during this period. Then it is the period of spread and division. The religion took deep roots in nations across the world, and the due to differences in opinion the religion was divided into many under different banners such as Protestantism, Orthodox Christians and much more.


The period of reformation is the period during which the world saw major division in the Christianity. Christianity which was already divided into Western and Eastern Christianity saw further division. It is during this period when Protestantism took deep roots in different parts of the world. It liberalized most of the hard and fast rules that early Christians were following.  This made a lot of people follow the path of Protestantism. The early Christians who stood firm in their early practices were called the Roman Catholics, and that is how they are recognized even today.

Modern Age and the Age of Revolution:

After the period of reformation, the world saw the early modern age and the age of revolution. There was not much of a difference. Christianity was the most spread religion across the globe, and the divisions in Christianity persisted.


If we look at the world in a broader perspective, it is very hard to achieve the ‘One God, One Religion’ concept. People are so much deep into the religion, that they have forgotten the ideals of the religion. They are ready to kill each other in the name of religion but not to forgive and forget. The world is losing the traces of Humanity. So it would be better if people forget the difference walk hand in hand, beyond the point of religion and restore humanity. This is what the world wants today.