“Christianity” – Is God Accepted?

Let’s say you make a picture of yourself. And when you see that the painter has made your picture the same way as you did, you do not blossom. Then you start thinking that after your death, when your children, grandchildren, and grandparents will see your picture then they will say, ‘This is the picture of our ancestor’. But just imagine what will happen to your picture when some of your grandsons start thinking that your hair does not look good in the picture, and it fixes the hair on its own. Then a parent thinks that your nose is a bit scratched and that makes it straight. After this, the grandchildren of your grandchildren will also “make many changes” in your photo like this. Will you be able to say that after seeing such a picture, is this my picture?

If you had already known that this picture is about to be created, how would you feel? Of course, you are very angry. Sadly, something similar happened to Christianity. History tells us that after the death of Jesus’ apostles, the picture of “Christianity” has changed, and today’s “Christian religion” is a bad form of this. It was foretold in the Bible that apostates would enter into true Christianity and corrupt it. We know that the principles of the Bible are never old and it is absolutely right to apply them in life. But it is not correct to change the teachings of the Bible by looking at the world’s choice. But Christianity has done wrong work by changing the teachings of the Bible.

Jesus gave two parables One of the wheat and the wild grains and the other wide route and the street route. Jesus explained through them that in the future, false Christians will be removed and their count will be more than true Christians. They will corrupt their Christian form by corrupting true Christianity and claiming that this is Christianity. The word “hell,” is the translation of the Hebrew word Sheol and the Greek word Hades, and these two words mean “grave.” Therefore, in King James Version, Shiol was called 31 times “hell”, 31 times “graves” and 3 times “Crater” has been said that means all these words have the same meaning.

Jesus said: “I am the way and the truth and the life.” Nearly ten years after Jesus ‘death, his disciples were known as Jesus’ “cult”. Why? They knew that the purpose of their life was to tell about Jesus and teach others about his teachings.  Through the guidance of God in Antioch of Syria these Jesus ‘disciples were called “Christians.” Since then, this name has become very famous, even bigger officials call on Jesus’ disciples as Christians. But with the new name, Christ’s disciples did not change their teachings; they still followed the ideals of Christ.

What the Bible teaches about the condition of the dead does not match the teachings of hell and hell. According to the Bible, the dead cannot know anything or feel anything. “The living knows that they will die, but they do not know anything at all.” The hope that the Bible gives about the dead is that they will be resurrected; it will be resurrected by the Bible Says. When Jesus’ friend Lazarus died, Jesus compared death to say that he was asleep. About the resurrection hope found in the Bible, Lazarus ‘sister, Martha, said: “I know that in the last days, he will rise again in the resurrection.” By resurrecting Lazarus’ body, Given that the hope of the resurrection is true.