Friendship with politics of Christianity- True Facts you don’t know

Jesus had said that his government would be in heaven and will crush and destroy all the governments of the world in the future, and will reign forever over the whole world.  He also said: “My kingdom is no part of this world.” This means that the kingdom of his kingdom is not part of the world’s politics. That is why in the first century, his disciples used to live far away from politics, although they believed in government laws.

But during the fourth century, some Christians began to think, “When will not Jesus Christ return and come back?” The book Europe-A History (English) states, “Before Emperor Constantine, Christians did not even think of spreading their religion by resorting to politics. But later, false Christians became the friends of the kings. “He started taking part in politics. Yes, such people spoiled the picture of true Christianity. These people have made the form of false Christianity (Christianity) as a “Roman Catholic” religion organization by friendship with the World-Powerful Rome.

The Encyclopaedia Great Ages of Man explains what has resulted from this friendship of Christianity and politics: “There was a time when Christians were persecuted but in the time of CE. In 385 (false Christian) Christianity, the priests of the Roman Catholic Church began to die of those who oppose their religion. Now they had the same rights as the emperors. “With this, the period of the persecution of Christianity began. Now they argue with Scripture and instead of believing people, they started making Catholics at the tip of the sword. Going from place to place, naïve, preaching in the name of Christian preachers, now people in the power of drunken spirits and peer-clad priests began to appear.

Historian H.G. Wells wrote that between the teachings of Christianity (false Christians) of the fourth century and “the teachings of Jesus the Nazarene” there was “the difference between the earth and the heavens.” Christianity taught Bible teachings about God and Jesus Christ Changed and kept. Jesus told the Jewish religious leaders of his day that their worship was in vain because they were teaching ‘the teachings of men by the sermon.’ (Matthew 15: 9) Those religious leaders had done the same to Jehovah’s law. Today’s pastors are with the Bible. They taught human teachings by teaching God’s message. But Jesus exposed their false religion so that true people could recognize the true religion. Jesus taught only the truth, even if it did not like the people. He always taught by God’s Word. How different was Jesus from false teachers who changed their standards according to the time of the end! Of course, such people had already been prophesied in the Bible.

“People would like to hear new ideas, they will gather many teachers for themselves, and they will only listen to what they want to hear. Those people will turn their ears away from the truth and begin to pay attention to the myths. “Adopt” false “and false teachings such as triadic, hell, immortal soul, have to go on the path of death. While the truth of God’s Word, the Bible has been given, and adoption, we will not only benefit now but will also have the everlasting life later. This is the truth that Jehovah’s Witnesses want to tell you. Why don’t you give them a chance and see the truth yourself?