Lennox Street Studios Spiritual Coaching: Your Ticket to Greatness

In today’s hectic, fast-paced, and demanding society, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain a healthy body and mind. This latter consideration is where I, as an experienced and reliable spiritual coach, come in.

Think of me as a personal trainer specializing in mental wellbeing.Ample studying, years of assisting clients, and an undying love for what I do has allowed me to emerge as one of the most widely respected spiritual coaches around. I’ve helped countless individuals to overcome stressful and mentally taxing situations, as well as reach their own personal development goals. To be sure, I’ve been providing my services to clients since I was fourteen years old.



How I Became A Spiritual Coach


I’ll never forget that day. It was a rainy spring afternoon, and my family’s next-door neighbor, Mr. Johnson, was standing directly in the street among the downpour, making no effort to cover his head or get inside his home. Mr. Johnson worked at the local bank, but most everyone in the neighborhood knew that his real passion—what he really wanted to do for a living—was perform magic. The truth is, he was an excellent magician—he showed off some tricks at several of my birthday parties, and he always impressed everyone in the room, both kids and adults, as he did so.

As I was also caught in the rain at this point, I decided to pedal my beaten-up, sky-blue bicycle towards Mr. Johnson and see if everything was alright.

“Mr. Johnson, are you OK? It’s pouring out here!”

He responded, “I’m just fine, why don’t you head inside?” But I persisted, as something was clearly wrong.

“Why don’t you come inside too? It’s really getting bad out here!”

At this point, the newspaper I’d left the house to pick up in the first place was soaked, having been used to shield by eyes from the rain. I’ll never forget what Mr. Johnson said to me, out of nowhere, as he turned his head and looked me in the eyes.

“I’m not sure I want to be a banker anymore.”

After some additional dialogue, I persuaded a reluctant Mr. Johnson to escape the rain. We talked for a few more minutes that day, a few more minutes the next day, and a few more minutes for a number of days after that. Little by little, he opened up and told me everything—his insecurities, his dreams, and his fears—and in the end, he asked me a single question: “Do you think I should leave my job at the bank to try and find work as a magician?”

I won’t tell you exactly how I responded to that question (it wasn’t a “yes or no” answer), but I will tell you that, a few years after this episode, I received an interesting-looking envelope in the mail. It was a heartfelt letter from Mr. Johnson, explaining how he’d achieved impressive success as a magician, and thanking me for listening to him, providing advice when nobody else would, and helping him reach his full potential.

A check in the amount of ten thousand dollars was also enclosed.

I never cashed the check, but I still have Mr. Johnson’s letter hanging on my bedroom wall. It’s one of my most prized possessions.

At fourteen years of age, I was helping adults work through their spiritual problems. I loved every second of it, and since then, I’ve greatly enhanced my abilities and skills, and now, I’m better than I’ve ever been at what I do. More than just talking and helping clients become peaceful and stress-free, I’ve incorporated life yoga into my sessions. Life yoga, for those who’ve yet to experience it, is one of the most remarkable stress relievers on earth, and a form of therapy that truly puts it all in perspective.

I’ve incorporated Psychosynthesis into my sessions, to provide clients with a more profound and vast understanding of themselves.

And finally, I’ve also become something of a “rose therapist” by utilizing the flowers’ medicinal and physical properties which are so commonly overlooked.


The Bottom Line: Contact Me


The culmination of these points is a caring spiritual coach who is ready to assist. I want to help you relax, become a better person, and live life to the fullest. What’s more is that I have the experience, techniques, tools, and will to help you do so.

There’s never been a better time than today to consult an outstanding spiritual coach.
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