Increasing love and intimacy in the relationship by tarot reading

In most of the psychic sessions, peoples are curious about their love relationship. They want to know about the truth and future of their relationship. Tarot cards are one such tool which is most accurate in revealing the truth and future of a relationship. It is very important that how you ask the questions to the tarot cards. A question like “Do they love me” is not appropriate as love is not a simple but a complex emotion. Instead of asking for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, the question should be open-ended, for example, how do I pour more love to this relationship?, what can I add to this relationship? how to strengthen this relationship? Etc.

There is no card in the tarot deck which has a specific connection to the intimacy or love but there are a number of cards which can provide an overview of the current status of your relationship as well as the future possibilities coming towards your relationship. But the meaning of a tarot card is different in different positions of a tarot layout and it also depends if they fall upright or in the reversed position. It is always preferred to get the reading from someone else as your subconscious mind do the tarot card reading according to your expectations. Now let’s discuss some of the tarot cards that can provide answers to the questions related to love, intimacy and relationship.

Major Arcana

These are the most important cards of a tarot deck and demands attention by the reader. More Major arcana cards during a tarot session represent more life-changing and profound situations. Major arcana cards should be given more attention if they are upside down. 


If the magician card appears, then it is said to be the assurance of having everything needed to fill your life with love. All you need is to use all these assets in the correct place to be blessed with the gift of love.

The high priestess

If the High priestess card is upside down, then it is the time for self-exploration. The arrival of this card clearly means that before falling into love, you need to think differently to find your true self.

The star

This card is a symbol of hope in your relationship.

The moon

It is an indication card for not doing something in the flow of emotions that can ruin the relationship.


The arrival of the fool tells that something expected can happen in your life. You should be avoiding taking unnecessary risks if in case the fool is upside down.

The Empress

This card tells you that love is present around you. You can find a new partner if you want to or you can strengthen the present relationship.

The emperor

The emperor tells you about the stability of a relationship.

The Hierophant

This card tells about your traditional views towards love and intimacy. In case of an inverted hierophant, you need to adopt the mindset of the new generation.

The lovers

Choices towards your relationship, love, and intimacy are what represents this card.

The Chariot

The arrival of this card comes with the assurance of fulfilling every desire of intimacy and relationship with the help of moving forward in life.


This card tells about the strong bond of your relationship

The hermit

This card tells you that there is a need to spending some time alone before moving to a relationship.

The wheel of fortune

This card tells about the change that is about to come in a relationship.


This card usually appears in the situation of uncertainty.

The hanged man

This card is an indication that you need to do some sacrifices for your wellness.