Interesting Facts about some Churches

1.  The Catholic Church is entirely responsible for the composition of the Bible, which books are included, as well as the breakup of the chapters and verses. Protestants have removed some books of the Bible because some of the verses were inconsistent with their theology. Martin Luther was a prime offender in this regard, removing Tobit, Judith, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach and Baruch. He also made an effort to remove James and Revelations, but this was rejected by his followers and those two books were kept. Catholics are often accused of “adding” the books, but despite this common belief, it is false. Older, pre-Protestant, Catholic translations of the Bible include them. 

2.  Vatican City has the highest crime rate in the world! With a population of around 500 people and a little over one crime per day, the Vatican crime rate is above 100 percent, per capita. Although the fact is shocking it should be remembered that the Vatican is about one square mile in size, and has nearly 20 million visitors annually. Most of the crimes are pickpockets, purse snatching and other petty offenses done by outsiders. 

3.  The ONLY Christian church in existence for the first 1,000 years of Christian history was the Roman Catholic Church. All other Christian churches which exist today can trace their lineage back to the Roman Catholic Church. Most non-Catholic churches which exist today are less than a century or two old by comparison. 

4.  Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, was Catholic and the first book ever printed was the Catholic Bible. 

5.  Any Catholic may perform an emergency baptism, such as if a person is in grave danger of death. In such a case, the validity of the baptism only depends upon the wishes of the person being baptized, that they desire the baptism. There are specific guidelines for such practices that Catholics should follow. Anyone wishing to be prepared for such a case should refer to the catechism for a deeper understanding of this allowance. Generally, such practices ought to be left to trained clergy. 

6.  The Catholic Church consists of more than just the Roman Catholic Church. There are 22 Eastern Rites that are in full communion with Rome and although they go by different names, they are every bit as much a part of the Catholic Church. 

7. About 15 percent of all hospitals in the United States are Catholic hospitals. In some parts of the world, the Catholic Church provides the only healthcare, education and social services available to people. 

8. Mohammed wrote an open letter to Christians that declared their right to self-governance, protection for churches and monasteries, and the freedom to practice their religion openly in Muslim controlled areas. Muslims are commanded to follow this until the end of time.

9. In 1980, Detroit gave Saddam Hussein a key to the city out of recognition of donations he made to local churches.

10. There are “Atheist Churches” for secular humanists, freethinkers, skeptics, atheists and agnostics who want a sense of community without having to deal with any of the God stuff.  The church of Scientology’s sued a former member for “hate campaigning” when she offered a helpline for people negatively affected by their organization.

11.  Jesus’ foreskin is called the “Holy Prepuce” and several European churches have claimed to be in possession of it and that it has miraculous powers.

12.  The Soviet Union closed down many churches and reopened them as Museums of Atheism dedicated to scientific education and anti-religious exhibitions.

13.  Christianity is increasingly popular among China’s youth. As many as 100 million people, or 7 percent of the population, have converted to the religion. The city of Wenzhou alone has more than 1,100 churches.

14.  Labella, Ethiopia is home to 11 monolithic churches carved out of mountains and connected by tunnels. The churches’ roofs are at ground level to make them invisible to raiders from a distance.

15.  There are two Roman Catholic churches in China, one acknowledges the Pope, the other the Communist Gov’t.

16.   A London church bombed in WWII was discovered to be on top of six layers of previously destroyed churches dating back over 1300 years.

17.  There are 8 churches on Antarctica, the southernmost of which is the Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows, a Catholic chapel carved out of ice.

18.  Carvings of naked women with stretched out vaginas were being commonly placed on churches in Ireland and Britain during the Middle Ages.

19.  When Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama first arrived in India, he thought that the Hindu temples were exotic Christian churches and referred to the image of local deities as “outlandish Christian saints”.

20.  The World Council of Churches was infiltrated by the KGB during the Cold War. – Source. Unlike the other major churches of Rome, the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls remained relatively unchanged from its founding in the 4th century until it was destroyed by a fire accidentally started by a workman in 1823.