Life Lessons that the Holy Bible Teaches Beyond the Point of Religion

The moment we see Holy Scriptures the first thing that comes to our mind is that these books are simply the compilations of life of the religious heroes and the life of other people who formed a major part of the religious history. But the truth is different. Almost all religious scriptures list things that are imperative to lead one’s life in a virtuous way. Focusing on the Bible, there are a lot of scripts both in the Old and the New Testament that give valuable life lessons that can be put to use by any individual.

Life Lessons from the Bible:

What you sow is what you reap:

Do not blame others for the things that you face in life because the conflicts and problems that you face in life are the outcomes of the deeds that you have done in the past. So there is no point in passing the buck. Take responsibility for the events that you face in life and also make sure that you do only the right thing because that’s what forms your future.

Sharing is Caring:

Sharing with your neighbor is one of the important lessons that is taught in the Bible. That is how you show that you care for the other person. The most important point in sharing is that do not expect anything in return. If you have more than what you need, come forward and help the needy. Because it is in the smile of the poor, you can see the presence of God.

Repent, Realize and Forgive:

To err is human and to forgive is divine. There two aspects for every person. It is quite common to make mistakes, but you make a difference when you realize your mistake and repent for the same. Once you have repented enough, do not dare commit the same error again. If you have the right to be forgiven, remember to give the same opportunity to the person who offends you. Forgiveness from God is something that we got for free so let us give it back to others for free.

Fight off Anger:

Anger and enmity are two things that the Bible strongly condemns. It is just the continuation of forgiveness. If you are to adopt the virtue of forgiveness into your life the first thing that you have to do is to shun anger out of your life.

The one golden rule:

This one rule consolidate the whole Bible and every other ideology in it. ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ This simply means do not something to the other person which you would not want him to do to you. If you follow this simple rule, probably you will never sin the rest of your life. This is what is called the golden rule of Christianity.