Money Habits

Astrology helps us to understand the influence of planets and stars on our life, Many times people struggling with their life don’t understand the causes behind these continuous encounters of problems. There can be problems in life because of two main reasons. Firstly, are those problems which come in our life is because of our past action and wrong decisions which we take in our life. Secondly, are those problems which are the outcome of wrong positioning of planets and stars in our life chart.

Let us understand the sort of problems we face during this cycle of life. These problems are because of wrong positions of the planet in our life. One of the major problems of life is an insufficient amount of money, a problem involving money is caused because of the bad positioning system of Venus and Saturn. As money is a key role player in deciding the status of life but the bad positioning of Venus and Saturn will create chaos in one’s life, it will not only affect personal life but will also badly influence professional life. The money will be a very important thing which needs to be taken care of in such a situation. Decisions which will effect on monetary terms need to be taken very cautiously. As the wrong positional system of planets will lead to losses and unexpected financial troubles. So it becomes very important to keep a watch on spending habits.

Money is not only one of the thing which get affected because of Venus and Saturn. Other effects of this positioning system will be on your social life and also on your love life. Your social life will be at risk and even can come to an end. The more you try to make it work it will get worse. Similarly, there can be disturbances in love life. There will be short term differences in relationship and a new relationship will not be a long lasting because of the phase of life you are going through. At this time it will be hard to socialize, rather isolation will help to deal with the situation more effectively. It will be better to give time to yourself and think of the old past memories. Finding joy and happiness is an art which can be well practiced at this time. Need to explore old memories and thank god for all the good you have.

There can be a situation which will excite to take some of the new financial decisions but need to set hold of your spending habit and give time to money management. Money management is very important at this particular time, as being alone in isolation and your struggle for balancing your life may lead to overspending. Overall this is not the right time to indulge in anything new rather this is the best time to give onto yourself. Read new books and magazines that interest you. Take sound sleep and relax both your body and mind. Try to explore your inner self with meditations and spirituality. Meditation will help you gain positive energy and boost you to perform great in the next phase of life.