Pendulum Dowsing

Before we proceed further in this subject, let us understand what pendulum is. Pendulum is an arrangement of parts in a harmonious and proportional balance. Normally pendulum is made up of heavy material tied with a metal string or chord. Pendulum works as a receiver of answers from guardian angels or spiritual teacher. Though there have been very long debates on answers from pendulum dowsing; whether it is the intuitive power of the user or answers from the supernatural forms. What so ever be the ones belief system, fact remains the same. Pendulum act as a receiver of the intuitive power or sixth sense where both the sides of the brain work together to come up with the answers of the question that are guided by the spiritual teacher. This art of pendulum dowsing requires lot of practice before getting every answer correct.

Starting pendulum dowsing
Pendulum dowsing is one of the easiest methods to start with in the field of divination. Anyone can master this art by continuous practice and learning the basic concept of this art. There are different types of pendulums available at the shops ranging from cost effective to very costly. But as a beginner you don’t require to spend much on getting a pendulum. Need to remember that pendulum can be of any material like crystal quartz, a bead, a metal ball or even a key or a favourite charm. Once you finalized the pendulum, there is a need to cleanse the pendulum and charge it with user energy. Pendulum which is not cleansed will interfere with dowsing and will lead to wrong answers. So it becomes very much important to clean the pendulum by keeping it in direct sunlight for the day or so and then charging it with one’s own energy, so that pendulum can work more effectively for the user. Transferring one’s energy in pendulum is easy, just needed to focus all your positive energy while keeping your pendulum at your hand. It is advised that one pendulum should have only one user, otherwise it needs to be charge again before using it for dowsing. Keeping pendulum safe is user responsibility, after every practice pendulum should be kept wrap in a silk or velvet cloth in a crystal box.

Who can use?Anyone can start learning and practicing pendulum dowsing, it is very easy to go at using pendulum. Apart from keeping all doubts aside and practice pendulum dowsing with an open mind one also needs to be calm and relaxed while using pendulum. Should also have some faith on spirituality as it is believed that answer comes from intuitions and spiritual guides

For what all purpose this can be used?
Pendulum dowsing can be used at number of places including getting answers to questions and also as a help in decision making. Though there are limitations in type of questions as pendulum response better if answers are in Yes & No format. For example, Questions like “Is I am human?” will have response in “YES or NO”.
Similarly it can be used in finding water or finding lost objects and animals. A map can be placed and pendulum dowsing over it will reflect location of the lost object or water.

Type of response you get from pendulum dowsing depends on your practice with pendulum. The more you practice, more good responses are achieved. Apart from lack of practice on pendulum, there are other things which might be responsible for not getting the result from pendulum. Like lack of positive energy, or while practicing pendulum you are not completely relaxed. Another reason may be that questions are not specific i.e. question needs to be simple and to the point so that they can fit into Yes & No format. There can be other possibilities like pendulum is not properly cleansed and charged, or lack of concentration, practicing pendulum near electrical equipment or near equipments with high frequencies will interfere in results or even you might need to change your pendulum if it is not compatible with your energy.