The Better Way to Handle People with Negative Thoughts

World is so big that if we’ll go anywhere we’ll found ourselves surrounded by peoples. Some of them are positive and some are negative as well. In fact sometimes we found someone in our own group who is very negative and it’s very irritating sometimes. Having company of a guy who always complaining about anything, who is a negative thinker is very frustrating but you have to realise that you’re not like him or them. You’re a positive guy and you can’t be affected by their negative thoughts and that is the power of positivity.

Sometimes being with a negative thinker makes us frustrated and lose our cool. But if you are a positive guy who believes in positivity, Spirituality and GOD then you’ll never get affected by that kind of personalities. Even a positive and spiritual guy can turn those negative peoples into a spiritual and positive person. That is how positivity works.

For example: You are at lunch with a colleague who had a bad morning, reached late at office and got scolded by boss. Basically he is not in good mood and he is frustrated too. He suddenly starts complaining about the place and their service, food, atmosphere etc. And he asks you to finish up quick because he has lot of work to do.

Now let me tell you that how to handle him and keep his negative thoughts away from you: You can say that this place is famous for light and healthy food and we must visit here twice a week, this will shift his mind from the negative thoughts about the place and food. You can suggest him to join Yoga classes with you by saying that it’ll be fun together. You can try to keep him calm and ask him to breathe deeply. When he’ll take deep breath for a while he will feel calm and better. You can ask him about his plans for weekend, you can appreciate his choice or you can make him feel happy by cracking some jokes. This will help him to forget about his bad day and his negative thoughts because in company of a positive person may turn a negative personality into positive guy. And that is how positivity works.

Do you see the difference? His every negative thought got replaced by the positive one. This shows that anything you say with cool mind with a positive thought always works.

There are some other better ways to handle the negative thinkers too. And you know it well, I told you an example. And it shows that whoever is with you either he or she is negative thinker or not you must be positive always and you must handle the situations with positive motive.

So, Be Positive and Be Happy.