What is the Future of the Church and Christianity?

Christianity is the largest religion in the world as of now. From a humble position, it has reached a predominant position. This is evidently seen if you look at the history of how Christianity spread across the globe. The followers of Christ were called Christians and thereby came the term Christianity. The roots of Christianity took its shape from the lands of Israel. The place of Israel and Jerusalem are still considered as holy by a lot of Christians, and these places have become a part of their holy pilgrimage.

Church and Christianity

The beginning of Christianity:

  • If we have to divide the history of Christianity biblically, then Christianity is divided into two part, the Pre-Christ Era, and the Post Christ-Era. That is why Bible has two divisions the Old Testament and the New Testament. Most of the hard and fast rules that were a part of the Old Testament were broken after the arrival of Christ. He established the virtues of forgiveness and love among the people and asked his followers to practice the same.
  • After Jesus was crucified in the intention of killing the spread of the religion, his apostles took his place and decided to spread the religion across the globe. They faced a lot of pressure and turmoil. They were imprisoned and were threatened to be killed. Most of the apostles were martyred believing that this would stop the religion from spreading. But that was in vain. When a group of people was killed, a larger group believed in the religion.
  • The religion saw stability after the Constantine Age. By then the religion was spread everywhere and took a proper shape. Then came the period of separation when Protestantism started to take a deep root. Along with the separation, Christianity has managed to survive through the early modern age, period of reformation, the period of revolution and the present age.
  • Today, as education has a strong foundation people have begun to question the faiths of Christianity. They are looking for reasons and facts behind what we so far called faith. Though the faith by historical facts, still they aren’t established completely. This is the reason why people fear that Christianity might face a fall any moment. So what is the future of Christianity?

Future of Christianity:

Christianity is one religion that faced a lot of persecution and difficult before it reached the status of wherever it is today. In fact, if Christianity has to die, it would have died right after the death of Christ. If people were so strong back then, upholding the Christian faith, then the present age incidents nothing. People have to go a long way off in order to see the end of Christianity. But that is very close to impossible. Bad times may come and go, but the presence of Christ will shadow us throughout and keep us safe. So this means Christianity will have a future.