What It Means To Be A True Christian

Many people wonder what it means to be a true Christian who are unfamiliar with the faith. The Bible says that there is a lot to being a true Christian and follower of Jesus Christ. Here is some information about what God’s Word has to say about being a true Christian.

Origins of Christian

The word Christian is used all around the world to describe a believer in Jesus Christ. There are many different ideas as to exactly what this term means though. Those that believe in Jesus usually want to be good Christians. If you are unsure of what being a Christain is all about here is some information to help you realize the truth.

Used in the Bible

The word Christian can only be found in the Bible three times. Different aspects of Christianity are mentioned throughout though. The apostle Paul said that we should imitate him as he imitated Jesus Christ. This is the beginning of defining what a true Christian is.

Called, Chosen, and Faithful

The Bible says more about being a true Christian. An individual needs to be called by God if they want to be considered a true Christain. Jesus said in the parable of the wedding feast that “many are called, but few are chosen”. This calling is the invitation from God.

Many will be invited while only a few answer their calling. This calling is “out of darkness into [God’s] marvelous light”. God calls to those in spiritual darkness and deceit that are smothering the world and shows to them the wondrous truth. If we respond to the calling and come out of the spiritual darkness, you are among the chosen.

If you then remain faithful you can fulfill the promise that you will join Jesus Christ in the family of God. To be able to receive this promise you must be “called, chosen, and faithful.”

Types of People Called By God

God calls various different types of people. Jesus stated that harlots and tax collectors would be able to enter the Kingdom of God prior to those perceived as righteous in His time. Those that were looked at as righteous were actually self-righteous. Those at a lower standing are more able to see what their inadequacies are and know their need to repent for their sins. They are also more inclined to enjoy the forgiveness that was made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

God will most often call those that don’t view themselves as better than others but who are instead able to see the problems in themselves. They are more teachable and humble since they are able to more easily recognize and acknowledge their own human weaknesses. These people have made mistakes and they know it.

God will choose “not many wise, not many noble,” but instead chooses those that world views as weak and foolish. They are able to see the need they have for God’s help. Those who think that they are self-sufficient and powerful usually don’t see any need for any help from God.

His Way of Life

If all of the people that called themselves Christian were considered for God’s calling, there are plenty of people who don’t recognize Christ and in some cases haven’t even heard His name. This makes it difficult to believe that God is actually calling everyone now. He revealed in His Word that He has a plan that will help everyone to come to know His way of life.

Right and Wrong

By studying what God’s plan for salvation is, it is understood that God is not trying to call to the majority now, but is allowing most people to live the lessons of human experiences under the sway of Satan. After learning some hard lessons through these experiences, many more people will eventually choose God’s way and the sway of Satan will be abundantly evident. At that point in time, those who decide for themselves what is right and wrong will come to find that only God can define right and wrong. Humans have tried to determine for themselves throughout human history what is right and wrong. They have rejected God’s revelation and have reaped the consequences of the wrong choices they make.

By properly worshiping God, changing to be a better person after repenting, and being baptized you can be considered a true Christian. You must listen to and follow the rules that God has outlined in the Bible and live a better life. Acting as Jesus would have in any given situation will help you to be more Christ-like and be a better Christian.